About Mindful Photos

Welcome to Mindful Photos.

This is a website of my personal photography, a journal of life after seismic change and how photography and mindfulness meditation help to keep me in balance.

In late 2013 I was diagnosed with a form of Motor Neurone Disease called Primary Lateral Sclerosis. The ground fell out of my life. Six months later I was forced to give up my successful twenty five year career working in photography and TV because I’d become seriously disabled. 

Alongside my work in the media industry, I’d kept up a regular meditation and mindfulness practice. Those many years of daily meditation and participation in retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh and other teachers gave me the idea to use the skills I’d gained to stay as healthy as possible and in whatever ways I could, continue making images. 


“Mindful Photos” is one of an arsenal of tools I use to help me focus on the pleasures of life whilst staying aware of, but not blown away by, the trail of destruction motor neurone disease can cause.

It’s a cliché, but there are silver linings to being forced to slow down – I’m continually surprised at how much more I’m aware of now that I wouldn’t have been pre-MND. I’ve also noticed that with mindfulness – a calm non judgemental attitude to life as it unfolds – the ordinary is made extraordinary and inspiration can be found anywhere. I’ve found this newfound “beginner’s eye” has carried over into my pictures. 

IMG_20140413_120930As well as places of obvious beauty, there are images on Mindful Photos taken in Birmingham and other parts of the West Midlands once renowned as being former centres of heavy industry – You really don’t have to travel to exotic parts to make contact with the beauty and purity of life.

So, on here you’ll find street, travel and people photography and the occasional philosophical rambling from the stream of consciousness that is my mind. Why not sit back relax – whilst breathing mindfully – and take a few minutes (or more) out of your busy life to see what Mindful Photos has to offer.

I hope you enjoy what you find and that it may even inspire you to pick up a camera and try Mindful Photography for yourself.

To see the latest blog post, click on the Mindful Photos logo at the top of the page.


Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS for short) causes paralysis, is very rare and is similar to ALS (the Ice Bucket Challenge motor neurone disease). Thankfully, PLS progresses more slowly but it can develop into ALS. There are 4 types of motor neurone disease and still no cure or effective treatments. Most people who develop ALS die within five years of diagnosis. If you’d like to find out more visit – MND Association: Different types of MND

Thanks very much for visiting. I appreciate your interest 🙂


I use mainly Olympus mirrorless camera equipment. Since developing PLS, I can’t carry my full frame Canon 6D. The light weight of my new kit is a godsend, and if any bright Olympus marketing person would like to do a feature on how their gear allows a disabled person to continue taking pictures do get in touch!



2 comments on “About Mindful Photos

  1. Thanks for the follow and I will do likewise. I love your about page and your concept.I have been a big proponent of mindfulness since my diagnosis of Parkinson’s. I wish you well and look forward to your photography.

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