scooter pierPhotographer Miles Pilling combines mindfulness and photography as a method of remaining in touch with the beauty available in each moment. He began practicing mindfulness 18 years ago to cope with the pressure of working as a television cameraman. Since then, as well as having a regular mindfulness meditation practice, he’s participated in retreats and courses with Buddhist and secular teachers including the Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.


In April 2013 he was inspired to start the blog “Mindful Photos” after attending a workshop with the American meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg. Unfortunately a few months later he was diagnosed with a type of motor neurone disease. Disability caused by MND ended his television career.


Now he finds mindfulness, meditation and photography help him stay receptive to the pleasures available in each moment whilst keeping a balanced attitude to the suffering caused by his degenerative illness.

Milly Mi

Miles takes nearly all his photographs from the seat of a mobility scooter. As well as places of obvious beauty and peace, many images on Mindful Photos have been taken in the UK’s West Midlands, in places known as former centres of manufacturing and heavy industry. This illustrates the fact that we don’t have to travel far (if at all) to connect with the wonder and beauty of life.

all words and pictures on Mindful Photos © Miles Pilling


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  1. Thanks for the follow and I will do likewise. I love your about page and your concept.I have been a big proponent of mindfulness since my diagnosis of Parkinson’s. I wish you well and look forward to your photography.

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