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  1. wonderful shots of Venice, one of my favourite cities.
    Have you come across the crime writer Donna Leon? Her detective series is set in Venice – so much more enjoyable to read having visited Venice some years ago (pre-digital camera days) and she enjoys making the occasional dig at Italian bureaucracy, well worth reading

    1. I will have to look out for her books – must be nice being able to visualise it all the more easily. Thank you for your appreciative words about my pictures! I look forward to exploring more of your blog.

  2. Dear Miles,
    I got here from your post today. I am so glad you got to Venice before you were confined to a scooter. These shots (most of which I had not seen) are gorgeous. I’m sharing them with some other Venice lovers who may not see them otherwise.

    You photos at Scooter Shooter are fabulous but they will never take the place of Venice in my heart, but then I think you know that about me.
    Take care,

    1. I think WordPress (or me?) may have had a wobble earlier and posted a post before it was finished. I scheduled a post to go out tonight on Mindful Photos. So you might get it twice.

    1. Thanks Jane for such a thoughtful and uplifting response to my Venice photos. I tried to avoid the cliche, but sometimes it’s impossible in such a uniquely beautiful and much photographed and painted place…….even so, I was still often surprised by what I found in Venice. I plan to go back in different seasons – many things permitting.

    2. and I’d recommend a visit. From what I’ve seen of your website, and lifestyle, I think you would love it…..just go in a season when there are less crowds.

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