The dog in the next car

After feeling like we have been living in a squat for the last few weeks since moving house, we are now almost organised. I’m having to work from an ancient and tiny laptop though and it’s giving me many opportunities to mindfully watch my breathing whilst it slowly completes the simplest of tasks….That’s why I haven’t been posting recently.

Like many people who have just moved house, we are spending too much time at retail parks racking up the credit card bill. I was waiting in our car at one yesterday when that old adage about always keeping a camera with you began to make sense.

My wife was taking her time and I was beginning to get bored when a French Bulldog popped her face up in the window next door.

I couldn’t resist asking for a portrait. The dog and owner (who were also waiting for their other halves) were more than happy to be photographed after I introduced myself.

Milly Mi

“Milly Mi”

I had my tiny Ricoh GR with me and we chatted as I shot a few frames (yes I chatted with the dog too!). I found out that Milly Mi lives with two Rottweilers but that she is “top dog” at home and keeps the other two in check. Dogs really don’t have a sense of their size differences!

This one was the best image, I think, because of the look of adoration from Milly Mi’s owner and Milly is looking right down the barrel. I processed it to black and white because the bright colour of the car behind was distracting and I just love the quality of the black and white photos that the Ricoh GR produces.

I hope you like it too.

Take care and be happy.


words and pictures © all rights reserved Miles Pilling

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  1. Oh, Miles, I’ve missed you and was just thinking about you and wondering how your move went.
    These are great shots. I need to remember to put my smaller camera in my bag wherever I go. I could actually put my regular camera there as it fits but…I don’t need the added weight.
    So I missed a shot very similar to that a couple of years ago on my way to work. Beautiful sunny day, mom driving, kids in the back involved in their electronics and the dog with the window rolled down looking for all the world like he was grinning because he called “shot gun” first. Don’t know if you use that phrase….calling “shot gun” is so you get the passenger front seat. Dates back to stages drawn by horses having the driver and someone riding “shot gun” to take care of the bandits.

    Good to have you back.

    1. Hi Michelle. We do use the phrase “calling shot gun”. I don’t think as much as in America though. Thanks for your nice comments. We are still living out of boxes. If previous experience is anything to go by, it will be anything up to a year before the final box is emptied! The new house is lovely thanks. You take care. Miles

      1. Ah, the joy of moving. I still have boxes that need sorting (luckily tucked into closets for the most part) from when I move in here three and a half years ago.

  2. Fabulous image mindful! Just found through Douglas Moore and a reblog, glad I did, agree wholeheartedly with your philosophy of beauty in the small things – off to look at more of your mindful images, best wishes Jane (French Hillside)

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