colourful street love

I saw this street art and thought “how cute” but then wondered how on earth they made the babies feet so perfect without putting it to some discomfort! Hopefully stencils were involved.

Sometimes I feel a slight a dilemma about whether to process images to black and white or colour. I know many photo blogs choose just one or the other, but I can’t do that. To me, some images lend themselves to black and white, others should obviously be colour.

This shot at the back door of a McDonald’s is another obvious choice for colour –

It’s great to take a photograph thinking in either colour or black and white when it’s shot – much like those of us old enough used to use either colour or black and white film. It seems a shame though to make life difficult for the sake of it, so I’m open to changing my mind later on after letting things lie for a while.

Here are some images that I overlooked soon after I shot them because I was thinking in black and white – not often a good thing, life’s not that straight forward!


Changing the subject slightly, I’ve been having some really interesting experiences shooting street photographs from the seat of a mobility scooter.

As I have a form of motor neurone disease, I’m unable to walk more than a few steps without great difficulty. It was ruining the pleasure of my favourite pastime so I decided to improvise and I’ve found that the scooter actually makes me nearly invisible.

If you’d like to see the images that I’ve been making from the “invisibility scooter” you can find them here . Many of them are quite quirky.


Do have a look and I’d love you to click on “follow”. Feel free to share the link as well – the site is as much about raising awareness of disability as about the pictures. It’s already received some attention from a six yearly magazine that publishes stories on positivity and disability.

Why not let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and be happy.

Miles 🙂




words and pictures © all rights reserved Miles Pilling

7 thoughts on “colourful street love

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  1. Great shots, Miles, I didn’t realize what I was missing by not clicking “follow” on your other blog. I’ve done it now so I can keep up. You on your scooter could out run me any day.

  2. Hmm, a scooter with the bridges…don’t you remember those? It’s not exactly a city for the “differently abled”. But there are places where it would work.

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