It’s funny how you can take a photograph and something that you might think of as being detrimental ends up adding an unexpected new dimension to the image.

I took this photograph of a lovely lady feeding pigeons a month or so ago. I was in my mobility scooter at the time and by the time I’d got into position to take the shot her bag of seeds was empty.

The pigeons’ friend

This was something that bothered me a little. I’m a perfectionist and the image in my mind had included a scattering of seeds falling to the hungry pigeons.

I spotted a late comer to the feast from the corner of my eye and I can honestly say that I surprised myself a little by getting my timing perfect – just a single shot, no ten frames per second for me!

Anyway, the photo has been getting a bit of attention on Facebook after a street photography group chose it as the cover for the group’s page. Amongst the many comments that it had was one from someone who said they love how the Disney stars seem to be falling from her fish and chip bag. I hadn’t even noticed that! No need for the seeds then.

I’m sure there’s something to learn from this? Don’t get attached to how things “should be” I suppose – A good lesson for me to mindfully carry into the rest of life too.

So I hope you like the image of  the pigeon that’s been frozen in mid-air by the magic stars falling from the pigeon lady’s bag 😉

images and words © Miles Pilling

6 thoughts on “Frozen

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  1. I honestly thought that was deliberate.
    It was the first thing I noticed weeks ago!!
    Then I suppose one of the beauties of any creative medium is not only the artists intent but the viewers interpretation.
    One of my favourite books is a hundred year commemorative edition from the national geographic.
    Apart from the superb imagery one thing that impressed me most was the lack of descriptions with the images (they where in the foot notes at the back).
    It really let the imagination run wild.
    Have fun. 🙂

  2. Ah, you must follow my other blog as well tavascrow – “Scooter Shooter”, there’s a lot less writing on that one. It’s where I first posted this picture a few weeks ago. That must be a lovely book you are talking about. Thanks.

      1. And sometimes you don’t see what you have until you get it enlarged on the computer! Or like yours someone else draws it to your attention.

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