Beauty and the beast

We were visiting Venice in summer, so we expected lots of other tourists. But we didn’t expect this –


It seems that the big cruise liner companies have the right to steer their vulgar monstrosities as close as they dare to some of the worlds most exquisite architecture and art. Perhaps this is so their customers don’t have to walk too far and aren’t tempted to spend much money away from the ship.


As you can tell, I’m not a great fan of massive cruise ships. This one was not moored, it really did sail this close. A horrendous indication of how desensitized to vulgarity humans have become, in my humble opinion.

words and pictures © all rights reserved Miles Pilling

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  1. I work in the cruise travel industry and I wholehearteldy agree with you! Italy could and should learn some important tourism lessons from the Scandinavians.

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