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Mindful Monday Mood Lift:

I’ve added a new page of photographs that I shot on film in Israel and other countries during the early 1990’s to Mindful Photos. It’s a “select” group of images that I’ll be adding to as and when I come across more negatives and prints.

Please do take time out to have a look. It’s amazing how much things have changed in 25 years – including me!

Here’s the link again. Enjoy 🙂

Mindful Photos 35mm

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  1. I know my life is a lot simpler with digital photography.
    Yes, we have all changed in those years….hopefully wiser as well as older.
    I love your photos. I was in Haifa, Israel in 1985. I have moved too many times since then to still have the photos and I was very ill (easily remedied with a dose of antibiotics) so most were shot by my husband.

    1. Hi mvaden, It’s always a shame to get ill when travelling, I find it’s the thing I remember most about a place – that happened to me in Spain of all places! I spent about 5 months in Israel and a month in Egypt. I worked on a Kibbutz just south of Haifa. Haifa made the best falafel! Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait while I was in Israel, which caused a bit of panic and some people went home. I told my parents I would, but went to Egypt instead! – spent a happy month with very few tourists around because of the Middle eastern worries. A lot of my pictures were shot on transparency so I don’t know if they’ll ever get onto here. I can see why you have settled in Venice after a lot of travelling. It’s an amazing place. Thanks for your interest in my blog. I appreciate it.

      1. I was actually in Haifa for pilgrimage to the Baha’i Holy Places so only there for nine days, there is a waiting list for pilgrimage so our time there is limited. The illness was a dysentery that even the locals got due to a water pollution problem that was soon resolved as was my misery. Our photos of that time were slides which have since been left behind in way too many moves.
        I have more Venice (and other) photos to come.

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