Home alone – (& mindfully creative)

As a person disabled by MND, I freely admit there are days when I’m just too tired, ill, stiff, painful (or all of the above) to get out of the house. So in glass half empty terms, my photographic opportunities on those “home-alone” days are limited.

stairway to hell

When it’s hell just trying to get up the stairs, officially that’s called being “housebound”, but I’ve always had a problem with officialdom and I don’t see myself as bound or tied to anything.

looking battered but still free

Before I had an established mindfulness practice, the thought of being on my own for long periods would fill me with dread. An interesting change occurred during those years of mindfulness and meditation – I’ve become much more “at home” with my own company.

I now love the peace of being alone and take the opportunity to mindfully do things that I enjoy, like playing my guitar, writing and…. photography. Yes I believe you can take interesting photographs without leaving the house!

A few days ago I was exhausted and had a home alone day. I set myself a small challenge: to mindfully create four interesting photographs from inside the house or within the garden. I made it into a mindfulness practice by spending ten minutes resting in the garden first, experiencing the feel of sun and shade as the clouds moved across the sky, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the smell of spring coming alive.

Then I gently concentrated on my visual sense to see what I and the box of tricks we call a camera could create.

Here’s what I came up with –

puddle in a muddle
patio shadow
illuminated trail
blind seasoning

So I hope you’ll agree it is possible to enjoy creativity whatever our circumstances, and that mindfulness is a stimulus for creative living (and image making) however limiting our life might seem on the surface.


Let me know what you thought of the photographs (and whether you’ve ever practiced “home alone” mindful photography).

Be mindful, and be happy,

Miles 🙂

words and pictures © all rights reserved Miles Pilling


15 thoughts on “Home alone – (& mindfully creative)

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  1. Beautiful photographs and words…thanks for sharing the challenge you face and the benefit of applying mindfulness. A beautiful post.

  2. The “illuminated trail” is well done. And I was wondering how you captured the trail illuminated in blue. It’s like those seen by the “Predator”… A monstrous character in a movie that can see UV trails. 🙂

    1. Hi Ompong, It does look a bit “predatorish” doesn’t it? …I hadn’t thought of that. I use Lightroom and Nik Collection (mainly the silver FX and colour FX modules) after processing the raw files. I altered the tone curve and adjusted the colour palette until I achieved the effect I wanted and then added some vignette. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for your kind words. Have a nice day. Miles

  3. I absolutely love puddle in a muddle, it would look beautiful on my wall. Lovely post, thank you.

      1. You are welcome. i like your shots and they reminded me of one similar moment when I staged a few shots I called The shadow of a fighter. I might post them one day 🙂

  4. Love the photos, Miles.
    I live alone so home alone a lot. It’s often amazing the shots I get just out my window and on my patio….even in a suburban apartment complex.
    And I’ve always been my own best friend….even though I’m very gregarious when out and about I enjoy solitude.
    I have a Buddha on my patio….it used to be a (solar powered) fountain but since this patio does not get much sun (being on the north side) he now holds flowers in his lap….and I can see him from my living room.

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