Contact from the past

Good news! My wife Ali just called to me from the loft with the enticing words "I've found something you might be interested in". I walked onto the landing to find her hand dangling a very tatty looking "Prince Cigarettes" bag from the loft hatch. Inside were my long-lost black and white prints and travel diaries from the... Continue Reading →

New 35mm page

Mindful Monday Mood Lift: I've added a new page of photographs that I shot on film in Israel and other countries during the early 1990's to Mindful Photos. It's a "select" group of images that I'll be adding to as and when I come across more negatives and prints. Please do take time out to have a look. It's amazing... Continue Reading →

Taken and captured

Mindful Photos Sunday Reflection: Does the taking of certain types of photograph contradict Buddhist or Mindful ethics? Any introductory book on Buddhism would be likely to mention the Five Precepts. They're ethical guidelines designed to help us avoid harming, and to create conditions helpful to the arising of wisdom. At number two is "not taking that which is not given"... Continue Reading →

Italian text break

Each of these pictures were taken near Venice's Lido water bus stop on the way to the beach. It was a wonderful surprise to find that Venice can be a sunbathing and sea swimming holiday. The beach was beautiful. As we relaxed, ordinary Venetians carried on their working lives. I like the similarities and the differences of these two pictures of... Continue Reading →

Crashing a wedding shoot at Sky Over Nine Columns, Venice

I didn't literally "pap" these newly weds, but I couldn't sit by and let them have their wedding pictures taken in such a beautiful location without grabbing some candids myself! (Click on the images to see them in higher resolution) Heavy full frame camera gear there - I wonder if he's considered going mirrorless? If you've seen... Continue Reading →

A tale of two cities

The occasional rainy weather during our Venice trip made for great umbrella pictures! This lady had remarkably found a comfortable spot to dream and contemplate life right next to the San Zaccaria water bus stop. She'd done well, because San Zaccaria is always thronging with tourists on their way to Saint Mark's Square or waiting for a gondola... Continue Reading →

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