Circus brothers – Romania 1992, pt.2

This is the second of my posts about the time I was invited to photograph members of the Romanian National Circus in 1992, as they relaxed in-between performances. Part one can be found here.


One of the photos I took during the time I spent in the circus encampment still ranks, for me, amongst the best pictures I’ve ever taken – not particularly because of any great skill on my part, but because it just seems so poignant.

It’s of two boys who I think are brothers. They were sharing a chair in front of a tarpaulin tent in the shade of some trees. I didn’t ask them to pose, I just quietly gestured with my camera and they nodded in agreement to being photographed. In the moments that I was absorbed in silently communicating and photographing them, they took on a photogenic, relaxed air of interest at the unusual looking man with a camera.

They barely moved while I took their pictures. I am still awestruck at how natural they seemed in each others company. I love how the older boy has one arm reaching for the tree, the other around his brother and that their hands are gently touching. Also, I think the clothes they are wearing are fascinating. Whenever I see this picture, I find myself trying to interpret their look of mutual protectiveness. Perhaps some photographs can be interpreted in as many ways as they have viewers.

The photo was taken on Kodak Tmax 400 film. I’ll be posting more images of the members of the Romanian National Circus in the coming days and weeks and others of ordinary life in 1992 Romania. There will be recent pictures mindfully taken much nearer to home as well!

There are also many more photographs to enjoy in the links at the top of the page. Please also read the “about” Mindful Photos page to find out why I’ve started using photography as a form of mindful therapy.

Thanks for your interest 🙂


words and pictures © Miles Pilling all rights reserved

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