The treasure of pleasure

Please take a look at the “about” page to see the circumstances that have encouraged me to start blogging again.

Every evening for a week of the eight week mindfulness course that I’ve been a part of, I would write a list of ten pleasurable things that I’d noticed during the day. We were encouraged to open up to the subtle, pleasant “treasures” that are available in each moment. Especially the little things we might normally take for granted like the feeling of a soft breeze on your skin or noticing a small flower pushing up through the pavement.

I found this practice really useful and a great way to end the day and go to sleep in a positive frame of mind. So I’ve continued with it. The pictures and thoughts that I’ll post on this blog will be rooted in this “treasure of pleasure” practice from now on.

As a stroke of luck, the “treasure of pleasure” week coincided with me spending time in Cyprus. My Breathworks mindfulness teacher Karen told me as I left “you should come home with a whole treasure trove!”

Here are some excerpts from my Cypriot “treasure of pleasure” notes and a few of the photographs that resulted:

“communicating with people through taking their pictures”
“a slow pace of life that’s conducive to relaxation”
“a mix of old and new”
“sitting in cafés, people watching”
“photographing a friendly Turkish Cypriot lady, just over the green line”
“enjoying the sense of community at Easter time”
“a barber willing to stop work to let me photograph him”
Backgammon game
“the joy of people seeing it as a compliment if you want to photograph them”
Words and pictures © all rights reserved Miles Pilling

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