Mindfulness for Health (and the beauty of tulips)

Please take a look at the About Mindful Photos page to see the life altering circumstances that have encouraged me to start blogging again.


I’ve been meditating regularly for around 15 years so it seemed natural to use mindfulness meditation to help me come to terms with the news of my “nearly terminal” illness.

My local Triratna Buddhist center has a course named Mindfulness for Health run by an organisation called Breathworks. It seemed tailor-made for a Buddhist with a motor neurone condition. So I signed up.

I’ve just completed the two month course and the reason I’m now sitting at a computer screen rather than mindfully enjoying the garden is that I’ve decided to take some of the practices online. I’m hoping to make this blog a development of the Treasure of Pleasure practices that are designed to derail our natural human habit of negativity, or the “negativity bias”.

Mindfulness of tulips
Mindfulness of tulips

I’ll be posting pictures and words about small treasures mindfully noticed while I travel this new path my life has taken. There’ll be no more darting around in the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle, hunting for that elusive, decisive moment. Instead I’ll be trying to develop my subtle sense of appreciation or the “Beginners Eye” as the Zen masters say. Seeing the ordinary afresh and appreciating each moment of life that I’m given.

To make a start, I hope this photo of the tulips that my wife brought home recently will put some pleasure into your day like they did into mine.

Words and pictures © all rights reserved Miles Pilling

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