Past reflections

It’s that time of year when we reflect on the past and turn to face the future with a sense of newness. Hopefully, if you have a mindfulness meditation practice, that sense of newness will creep into every moment – after all isn’t each moment absolutely and totally brand spanking new?

At the turn of the new year I was browsing through the photographs that I took on my visit to Venice – That was  such a huge crop of photographs taken over a few days – I realised I hadn’t had the opportunity to pay close attention to all of them.

There were still some lovely RAW images waiting to be processed. Rather than have them lifelessly sitting on my computer, I’m going to publish them on here for others to enjoy (well I hope you will…)

This colourful watery reflection is one that struck me as a gem that I had missed.

P8190111-Edit-Edit-2Venice is a watery world that can turn you onto your head in wonderment ;)

There are some lovely little detail shots too –




…and how could I have missed the expression on this lady’s face as she jokes with a gondolier during a beautiful Venetian evening? (Enlarge your screen image size if you can’t see her laugh – it’s worth the effort).

SO Italian….SO Venetian. I really hope you like these. I’m finding  more all the time and will be posting them here soon.

There will also be images taken from this side of the new year as well.

Happy 2016

Miles 🙂

© Miles Pilling

9 thoughts on “Past reflections

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  1. Just beautiful! But I can’t work out how you took the reflection of the bridge!!! XXX

    Sent from my iPad


    1. It’s nearly all reflection in the water, but I thought it seemed too abstract with the bridge upside down so I spun it around (and ended up using both)…Happy 2016 Jill

      1. I really love the upside down one….but then I love the abstract nature of a lot of my Venice water reflection photos. I made a book of pictures I took on the island of Burano and used a shot of buildings reflected in one of the canals for the cover and people are constantly turning it “right side up” and then being surprised when they open the book and find out they have it wrong.

  2. Dear Miles,
    I think you know me well enough by now to know that any pictures of Venice sing to my soul.
    I simply love the reflection shot. Really good catch.

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